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Pastoral Message

Dear Flock,

A few weeks ago, I received a certificate, which I do annually, indicating how much our flock gives to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s World Hunger Fund. This year we gave $1764. This comes from people using the World Hunger offering envelopes in the pews and other occasional events and gifts from our Social Ministry Committee and the Women of the ELCA of our congregation. Our participation in the ELCA Good Gifts program is in addition to this in which we raised $2000 last year, in which you can buy specific assets for promising businesses and farmers.

This year, the World Hunger Fund is celebrating 50 years in existence. I learned at our Northern Illinois Synod Assembly this month that since 1974, our Lutheran congregations have given $650 million for world hunger. Currently, 250 projects a year are sponsored in 60 countries. The 140 congregations of the Northern Illinois Synod average giving $275,000 a year. I frequently hear the point made that just about every dollar that is given to the fund does actually get where it is needed, because our regular giving to the larger Church provides the administration.

We were told that global hunger problems are not going away; in fact, we are facing an increase in global hunger. Of course, our flock does other interesting projects that come along, such as our annual Kids Against Hunger event (4320 meals), CROP Walk ($7000), and local food pantry support, and others (and these are just the hunger projects).

It seems to me that there are enough assets in this world that people shouldn’t be going hungry. Thank you for doing your part to alleviate one of Christ’s foremost concerns in his earthly ministry.

Pastor Dan

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